Sunday, August 14, 2011

Holy moly.....12 years!

Yesterday, August 13th, was mine and Drew's 12th anniversary!!  I can hardly believe it.  Time has just flown by!  Marriage has been such a learning experience for me.  Our marriage has had it's trials, as they all do, but it has taught me so much.  I have learned patience (now if I could apply it that would be great), to pick and choose my battles (such as dry's an inside joke), and with all that comes along with marriage I have learned about charity, the PURE love of Christ.  I still have a lot to learn..unfortunately.  I can say that I am thrilled to be married to Drew!  My sister-in-law once said "It would be so fun to be married to Drew....a LOT of work...but fun."  She was soo right!  We have so much fun, his sense of humor cracks me up!  He is a wonderful father!  He moves us around a lot, but we have made so many wonderful lifelong friends that way!  I am glad he puts up with me and my dramatic emotions!  I am super excited to see what the future holds for us!  If you're reading this honey....I LOVE YOU!!! .......actually, I wonder if I've even told him about my blog. Huh, I guess now's as good a time as any!!
Here's to the future.........

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Funny Story! (that's the best title I can come up with...I am open to suggestions )

This happened a while ago but I have been SUPER busy and was out of town for a couple's still totally worth sharing.  Since Drew has been in Dental School I have been a "single" parent for the most part.  He makes an occasional showing so the kids can see he still exists. During finals it's even worse! It was towards the end of his finals and I was about to go crazy, I was in the middle of making dinner, and Drew calls and tells me that they are taking a break from studying and going to dinner and asked if me and the kids wanted to meet him there.....I couldn't say yes fast enough! I also was excited to get help with Tyson's math homework, yes, my son's 3rd grade math homework has been known to bring me to tears! Anywhoo, we ran out the door and met them at the restaurant and had a great dinner.  We were gone about an hour. When we pulled up and got out of the car we could hear a really loud ringing and Tyson said "mom, our fire alarm is going off!"  (insert potty word!)  We run inside and the whole house is FILLED with smoke!!! It was then that I realized I had left dinner on the stove still cooking.  It was pretty much done BEFORE we left, now it was charcoal! So I am running like mad to get windows and doors open to air this place out and the kids are in the living room and AJ yells and says that a lizard just ran under the couch.  I wasn't quite sure I believed him because AJ has been known to just say stuff...crazy made up stuff.  I decided to check anyway and using my supermom powers I lifted the couch onto it's side and sure enough...a lizard. (deep breath) what!  Tyson says he'll catch it but those little suckers are fast and I am not in the mood to chase that thing all over the house. So I go get one of our neighbors, and I know he can catch it because he caught the Copperhead that was in front of our building...yes that's right, earlier in the week there was a Copperhead on the sidewalk...stupid snakes!  Did I mention that I was in the middle of reorganizing my pantry?  The floor was covered other than little paths for you to walk in.  Just wait, it gets better.  So he is walking to my door and I am telling him sorry for the smoke and the mess, of course the day I am cleaning out my pantry is the day the house decides to try and burn down! He's trying to decide how to corner our little friend and asks if I can move the coffee table so I walk around it to move it...and there on the floor is one of my humongous bras that Scout decided to bring downstairs while we were gone (sigh). I turn red as a beet, hurry and pick it up, and try to wad it up as small as possible, hoping it will just disappear!  No such luck! I trip over myself apologizing and he just laughs it off.  He catches the lizard and takes him out of my way.  My wonderful neighbor Emily takes the kids for a while so I can clean up.  The smoke is so thick that I keep having to go outside to clear my lungs. After a while I sit down outside to try and collect my thoughts.  I was on the verge of a breakdown, with all the stress and the whole "what if I had burnt the house down" thing when I look up and on the sidewalk is a frog...just hopping along...and that's the icing on the burnt cake!  I start hysterically sobbing, because I am thinking that I have the doors open and what if that stupid frog gets in my house! At this point I cal my other friend crying and after about 2 seconds tells me she is on the way over to help.  We ended up getting everything put away and most of the smoke out.  I was able to save the pan too...yeah!  I could do without days like that!  Thank goodness for good friends!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Going to Carolina......again.

I'm back in NC! Now maybe I can catch up on my blogging!
I'm testing out Drew's iPad and although it's super cool it's not very easy to type to be continued!!