Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Adventure Kids Club

Last year as I was researching which preschool to put AJ in I quickly became discouraged.  Preschools in NC are extremely expensive! The cheapest ones were a little bit over $300 a month. So my friend Becky and I started spit balling the idea of doing our own. How hard could it be really???? Just paint a room and teach a few days a week to get a tiny bit of extra green....this train of thought is a perfect example of how I constantly underestimate things!!  When I returned from Utah this summer we got to work.  We had to clear out the room that we planned on using.  It was filled to the ceiling with spiders, bugs, and her brother-in-laws crap, crap is a harsh word...but the stuff had been there for like 3 or 4 years and he has never even touched it so he obviously didn't care too much about it. Anyway, we had to clean it out, risking fingers and toes to the spiders. Once we made it out alive we had to clean the room.  Next came the painting.  I love to paint so that part wasn't really a chore, other than I still had regular life to keep up with :)  Then there was all the stuff to set up, the table to make,the carpet to put down, the bathroom to fix and paint and put new floor in,  the curriculum to plan, the supplies to buy, etc.  We found the greatest curriculum online so that has helped us out a TON!  We were going to just plan it all from scratch but by accident I came across it and it's so perfect we couldn't NOT use it!  I honestly thought teaching for 2 hours a day, 3 days a week would not be that big of a deal.  Once again...I was naively wrong!  Since we started teaching in September my life has been ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!!!!  I haven't had a second to spare.  Until this week I had not even been to the grocery store other than quick trips in to grab little things like a gallon of milk, or a loaf of bread.  My house has been in utter chaos and I feel like I am losing my mind!  With that being said...I am having a BLAST!!  It has totally taken over my life but it's so fun!  And not to brag or anything but I think I'm a dang good pk teacher.  All the kids love coming to school.  It feels so good to be accomplishing something outside of the home.  I posted pics of the room. I kept forgetting to take before pictures but at least Becky remembered to take some after ones.  The table is actually an old door that was down in the basement. That was either Becky or Clay's ( her hubby) idea.  It was brilliant!!! Actually Becky does a lot more than I do with the preschool...she is amazing!!  PK is the reason I never have time to blog and the reason we get our clean clothes out of the dryer or a basket.  Wait, I was like that before...dangit!!