Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kids say the darndest things!

Okay, so I am gonna tell this story...but I don't want any sarcastic comments about my driving abilities!  Agreed?  Okay.  So I am driving Tyson to scouts and we have one of our neighbors in the car with us, he was trying out scouts for the 2nd time :)  Anyway, it's raining and I am eating my dinner, a healthy Whopper w/ cheese, and yes I can feel my sweat pants getting tighter, when the cars in front of me stop suddenly.  They could have been stopped for a long time and I just didn't notice because the Whopper was blocking my view.  I slam on the breaks and Tyson, who had taken his seat belt off to reach something and forgot to put it back on, goes sliding off his seat and almost ends up in the front.  We are all chuckling at the fact that we didn't wreck and Tyson says " It's a good thing my legs are strong like my Uncle Jason's.  Ya know, his legs are so strong they jiggle in the back.  I'm really glad mine are strong too so I could stop myself."  Now that's what I call good parenting right there...doing things so that your kids can discover their true strengths and potential.  Aahh, I'm so close to the Parent of the Year award I can almost taste it!  And thanks Uncle Jason for being such a great example and having He-Man sized muscles!


  1. You are such a bad driver!!!!! Wait, my brain is thinking something, you......could......sue burger king! For the whopper being to big...and delicious! And make millions! a aha ha ha ha ah ah ah ahah ha ah aha h!!!!!!

  2. I'm a bad driver?? I can't believe you said that!! I am mortally offended!! You can only call someone a bad driver if they back out of their drive way and don't realize there is a car parked behind them......