Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What Blog?

Okay....so I haven't posted in like a month, but it's soo not my fault!  I could not get the computer to even turn on and when Drew finally had time to look at it...it of course turned right on for him. Grrrrrr! Then I could not get the internet to work.  Double Grrrrrr!!  ANYWAY, now I can get on the computer and got the internet to work now I can't figure out how to download the pics from my phone so I can post those.  Apparently I have serious issues.  Let's see...what have we been up to for the last month?  JoAnn came to visit and we had soo much fun!  It has been gorgeous weather so we spend most of our time outside.  We have all had a variety of sicknesses. I am still hacking up a lung!  Drew's been taking finals for the past two weeks.  He will be done in 2 days then we have 2 WHOLE WEEKS of just him all to our selves.  I am so excited!  I know he is too, he has been working his tail off for the last 2 weeks with no breaks.  Poor guy!  The kids have spring break this week so I am trying to get their help with some organizational issues and messes in their part of the house.  So far....I've pretty much been on my own :)  Tyson turned 9, that was fun!  Wow, isn't this post exciting?  Okay I'm gonna stop until I can get some pics on here!  To be continued......

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